How are technologies transforming us? - from fictional billboard series

Why the HOW matters

Technologies have changed our world significantly. On a daily basis we spend most of our time on our phones, laptops, and other digital devices. We depend so much on them that we do not even think about it anymore, and we often feel overwhelmed by them.

But what happens with our data? Will robots, AI, and ChatGPT take over our jobs? How do TikTok filters influence the way we perceive our bodies? How is it possible that a billionaire controls a platform like X (aka Twitter) which was once about freedom of speech? And what is the Metaverse?

GUIDING LIGHT has developed framework conditions for technology projects with a focus on ethics and sustainability in the fields of culture and social affairs in a cooperative process.

tech for good - from fictional billboard series

Ways to get involved

Technology literacy is a human right. GUIDING LIGHT offers you many opportunities to join our cause for a diverse, democratic, inclusive use of technologies with high ethical and sustainable standards.

We are independent and non-profit. This is why we need you. Please support our future work.

me, myself and A.I. - from fictional billboard series