People have the Power

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GUIDING LIGHT offers you many opportunities to initiate projects to support a social cause and join our mission for a diverse, democratic, inclusive use of technologies with high ethical and sustainable standards.

Join us at one of our events

Our events are - well, “different” and full of surprises. They are innovative, experimental, and with an open outcome. It doesn't matter if you are a social entrepreneur who has already a concrete idea, a student, an artist, a teacher, or just someone who deeply cares about a social topic. At our events we will not only introduce you to technologies in a very unique way, we will also make you learn more about them, and give you space to reflect on them for a very holistic understanding. This includes questions about data security, emerging technologies such as extended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, green technologies, and recent developments such as ChatGPT. 

It does not matter if you are an expert or not. We will be there to guide you. We strongly believe that is how you will be able to become empowered to come up with your own ideas how to use technology for the greater good, and to develop best practices for ethical and sustainable projects. 

This is how a democracy should work.

Fall dates for 2024 coming soon.

Join us as a member

As a member you have many benefits, such as discounts for our events, but you can also actively participate as well, and initiate and discuss project ideas with us. Depending on your member status we will guide you through the whole process to make your vision of a better world reality. As part of our diverse and inclusive community, you strongly believe and live by the standards of our Code of Ethical Conduct.

Full Membership

  • 20 euro/month or 180 euro/year
    (discount for students and people in need: 20 euro/year)
  • Newsletter
  • Participation in the organization as an active member
  • 20 % discount at GL organised events

Professional Membership

  • 40 Euro/month or 350 euro/year
  • Newsletter
  • Open to actively work on projects with our team as a professional member
  • 40 % discount at GL organised events

Associate Membership

  • 10 Euro/month or 80 euro/year
  • Participation in the organization as an associate member
  • Newsletter
  • 10 % discount at GL organised events

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Make a donation

Sometimes people believe in something, but they don't find the time or energy to do extra work. That is completely fine. Every small donation helps us to keep going and stand up for ethics and sustainability in technologies.