Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura
Participatory Technology Advisor

Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura, known to most people just as jackie, is a queer*feminist technologist, teacher and participatory process facilitator. Thriving as a jack(ie) of all trades in a range of different contexts, her most recent engagements led her to the University of Applied Arts Vienna, working as a web engineer and teaching students the basics of web based game development and machine learning. Additionally she is facilitating feminist linux and IT security meetups and events and teaches a course on feminist technoscience studies at the TU Wien to inspire critical technology thinking and to foster more inclusive, ethical and sustainable technology development.

With backgrounds in science & technology studies, IT (security), group dynamics / process facilitation as well as her different past engagements in IT operations and web engineering, jackie brings a unique perspective on participatory technology making to discourses in and around Guiding Light.

Especially when it comes to the often invisible infrastructures underlying modern information technologies and (social) networks, she advocates for using and creating open source, decentralised and federated approaches allowing for independence from market monopolies as well as participatory decision models around the long-term development of technologies.