Carina Zehetmaier
AI & Human Rights Expert

Carina Zehetmaier is CEO & Co-Founder of and Ambassador for Women in AI Austria.

As an entrepreneur with a passion for artificial intelligence (AI) and social entrepreneurship, she truly enjoys exploring business opportunities that leverage the power of new technologies developed to benefit humans and our planet.

As a trained human rights lawyer, she counts several years of experience in non-governmental, governmental, and international organizations and has a profound understanding of diplomacy, world politics, and international relations.

Her interest in AI combined with her work experience in the field of human rights led her to become Ambassador for Women in AI Austria and to co-found the local chapter in 2020. The goal of the organization is to increase female representation and participation in the field of AI to make sure that the technology is built to benefit society.

In her role at Guiding Light, Carina is focusing on topics such as human rights and AI, diplomacy and international relations. Being a speaker and mentor, she is on a mission to empower others to use technology for good and social causes.