Elisabeth Luise Penker
International Strategy Advisor

Lisi is an accomplished strategist and future-tech enthusiast with the firm belief that tech-innovation alongside cultural change and interdisciplinary collaboration are imperative to solve the biggest challenges of our times. After 5+ years of working in the field of brand marketing, Lisi played an active role in forming and developing future-tech platform pioneers.io. She had the privilege to lead the platform's market expansion to Asia, setting up and managing a cross continental joint venture with Nikkei Inc. and headquarters in Tokyo/Japan.

As a partner of Cult-Tech platform RDI Digital, Lisi had the pleasure to consult well established institutions like Tretyakov Gallery, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art or Gulag History Museum to find new business models driving cultural heritage and creative content through technology. Her unique background in brand innovation and the international startup ecosystem eventually led her to join Red Bull building and implementing a global development program for social innovators and tech entrepreneurs - Red Bull Amaphiko.

In her work with Guiding Light, Lisi advocates for human-centered innovation processes and advises on international markets and strategies, ensuring the application of future-technologies will impact society and environment in a sustainable, ethical, and inclusive way.