Lea Möseler

As an academically trained and professional educator, Lea Möseler is dedicated to nurturing young minds and instilling a love for learning. Her devotion to teaching underscores her profound commitment to the welfare and development of future generations, also when it comes to the use of technologies. Her tireless efforts in these roles have helped shape the young minds of our community, providing invaluable guidance and support that will resonate throughout these children's lives.

In addition to her educational and pedagogical background, Lea is an expert of biology, with a specific focus on neurobiology as well as the transformative potential of biotechnology. Her fascination with the intricacies of the human brain and its functions has driven her to explore the frontiers of scientific knowledge, contributing to a deeper understanding of the neural mechanisms that underpin human behavior. Her aim is to utilize the power of biotechnology to drive positive change and innovation within our modern society, opening doors to new possibilities in the field of education as well as health- and childcare.

Lea's journey, however, is not confined to the rigors of academia alone. She also teaches the methods of Yoga. In the sacred art of yoga, she discovers a potent tool for cultivating self-awareness, and inner balance. Lea understands yoga as a profound exploration of the self, a journey that she ardently believes can guide individuals towards a more mindful and harmonious existence.

As Co-Director of GUIDING LIGHT, Lea embarks on a noble quest—a quest to enlighten, to inspire, and to transform. Through the lens of cognitive science, the practice of yoga and meditation, and the discerning use of technology, she is forging a path towards a more enlightened society—a society in which a holistic view on the self meets the limitless possibilities of the digital age, resulting in a harmonious symphony of human flourishing. Her approach is both critical and open-minded, rooted in the belief that technology, when wielded with wisdom, can be a catalyst for positive change.

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