Matthias Strolz
Impact Advisor

Matthias Strolz is impact entrepreneur, author, systemic facilitator and social architect. As former party founder and leader he holds vast experience in co-creation and capacity building. He stepped back into business as portfolio entrepreneur by end of 2018, after handing over as founding chairman of NEOS, a value-based centre movement that he co-founded in 2012 and led into the Austrian Parliament in 2013 an into the European Parliament in 2014. From October 2013 to September 2018 Matthias Strolz was Leader of his group in the Austrian Parliament.

Living in Vienna and father to three daughters he was founder and managing partner to several non-profit initiatives in the field of education and European integration and to companies in the field of systemic facilitation for twelve years before fully switching to politics. As “gardener of life” he has been engaged in value-based capacity building since early youth. His work is promoting integral and solution-oriented approaches involving methods of integral co-creation, crowdsourcing and open innovation. Since 2019 he also acts as co-founder for, a story and publishing platform for creative writers. In 2021 he co-founded ThePixelBeat, a tech-driven innovation builder driving digitalization for non-profit-organizations, corporates and start-ups.

In his partnership with Guiding Light, his professional and voluntary work is complemented by a deep intrinsic motivation for nurturing talents. His best-selling books on personal development are representing an expression of this motivation.