Natasha Rabsatt
Design & Technology Advisor

Natasha Rabsatt is an experience designer, XR strategist, and founder of strategic design and advisory firm, NAR Creative LLC. She leverages the totality of her life’s experiences, cross-disciplinary research, travel, art, science of learning, UX/UI, AR/VR and other immersive technologies for social good.

Extensive world travel (over 50 countries) and experiences in various industries, communities, and sectors sparked deep interest within Natasha to unlock human potential at the intersection of design and technology. Over the years, she has led the creative vision for global enterprise learning initiatives, spearheaded XR program start-up and governance, advised on technical alignment for immersive technologies and platforms, and led cross-functional teams to build XR literacy and design inclusion.

In her work with Guiding Light, Natasha initiates and supports mindful design and learning initiatives, and advises on the intersection of design and technology with a particular focus on humanity-first and inclusion. She advocates for creativity, culture, and building community around mindful, sustainable, and inclusive immersive design to aid in the creation or enhancement of virtual worlds, immersive XR experiences, frameworks, or programs (to also include them inside the metaverse).