Ramona Kandinger
Digital Ethics Expert

Ramona Kandinger is a creative mind and not easy to put a tag on. Formally trained as software engineer she specialized in database organization. Besides, she attended a Photography School and spent her nights in the darkroom. In addition, Ramona studied Textual Sculpture with Heimo Zobernig at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Because of her great love for books, she has worked in two art libraries, where she discovered the importance of the field of user experience. Now she is particularly dedicated to the topics of digital ethics and mental training.

In view of the increasing complexity of current challenges in regard to social and digital transformations, the ability to find with new ideas and take paths off the beaten track is more important than ever. Problems must be viewed in their entirety and multidimensionality; tools and approaches from the perspective of one discipline do not go far enough.

In her role as digital ethics expert at GUIDING LIGHT, Ramona focuses specifically on the intersections of arts and technology, and wishes to contribute to the common goal of establishing GUIDING LIGHT as a platform to bring people and technologies together. Her experimentation and work with AI art contribute to a new landscape and discover new frontiers.

For Ramona, art and its methods can be instruments for discussions about sustainable developments to raise questions like: What does it mean for humanity to use current and emerging technologies? How do we want to deal appropriately with problems and conflicts that might arise? What solutions can we find to make the digital tangible?